Dr. Gilberto Debelian, DMD, PhD, Oslo, Norway

Endodontocomix is an original and entertaining way to explain endodontics to our patients.
Dr. Gilberto Debelian, DMD, PhD
Oslo, Norway

I read your booklet. Once started I could not stop! It is great and funny at a time! Fine work, nice drawings, congratulations.
Prof. Michael Huelsmann, DMD, PhD
Universitatsmedizin Goettingen, Germany

A comic strip is a fun way to inform and reassure our patients about root canal treatment which is generally perceived as a bad experience.
Prof. Pierre Machtou, DDS, MS, PhD
Universite Paris Diderotís Dentistry UFR, Paris, France

I enjoyed reading and rereading the work. Using the visual art of cartoon in Endodontocomix, Dr.Rok Juric and Dr. Horowitz immensely succeeded to explain Endodontics, the complex science and art of treating diseased root canals, to everybody.
Prof Dr. Dr. h.c. PNR Nair,
Institute of Oral Biology, Dental School, University of Zurich, Switzerland

I read English version and it was hilarious. It was also educational, and depicted every day family life in humorous way. A good book and should receive a very good response from everybody! Congratualtions.
Syngcuk Kim, DDS, PhD, MD (Hon), Louis I. Grossman Professor
Department of Endodontics, Penn Dental Medicine, Philadelphia, USA

I read Endodontocomix cover to cover and was really impressed by its detail and how informative it was, yet in a comical, pleasant way. I think this is a nice addition to any waiting room in an endodontic office, or any office that performs many root canals.
Dr. Sam Kratchman,
Department of Endodontics, Penn Dental Medicine, Philadelphia, USA

I'd heard of "painless dentistry"ó but now, I've had dentistry painlessly explained! I finally know what dentists actually do when they dive into my open mouth and why they do itó thanks to Ciril Horjak's ingratiatingly entertaining comic book that vividly and clearly drills into the roots of his subject.
Art Spiegelman, comics artist
1992 Pulitzer Prize laureate, New York, USA

Endontocomix explains clearly with the strenght of ridicule the essence of endodontics.
Walter van Driel, DMD, FICD, endodontist
Hague, Netherlands

The perfect gift for your friends with endodontic interests! A treat to the eye and funny to read even for the non-dental minds!
Josine van Zadelhoff, DMD
Maarssen, Netherlands

With good organization, waiting rooms in contemporary medical and dental practices are places where patients should spend as little time as possible. Nevertheless, patients can experience a sense of tension while waiting for their dentists, especially if there are sounds emanating from the examination rooms, and this tension has been proven to be harmful to subsequent treatment. That is why magazines and other light reading material are often made strategically available. The idea that patients might not only enjoy light reading but might also learn about their condition is an excellent one, killing two birds with one stone. The only difficulty comes in presentation since glossy gossip magazines are so alluring that patients, blinded by tension and stress, might not even notice educational material or indeed might deliberately direct their attention away from the source of their fear. A comic strip, being the most direct and popular printed medium, is an excellent response to this challenge, offering a way for patients to overcome their tension and confront the dreaded theme in a way that might both comfort them and also provide them with useful information about their condition. The dental comic strip that you hold in your hands is sufficiently exaggerated and caricatured and funny that, just as a visual pop product, it draws the interest of potential readers in the waiting room and at the same time provides a healthy distraction from the tension of the coming procedure. In this way, the comic strip becomes a kind of medicine itself, improving the course of treatment. In addition, the comic strip provides patients with information that will improve their understanding of their condition, enable a more rational approach to the procedure, and not least to preventive actions that might be taken in the future. Endodontocomix is therefore a sort of therapy in itself, a double therapy, so it is definitely worth giving it a good read!
Prof. Alojz Ihan, MD, PhD
Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Endodontocomix is an imaginative, funny, and educational presentation of the dental specialization known as endodontics, which is little known to patients in this part of the world. It uses a humorous method to teach patients about how the endodontic specialist works on the aching tooth pulp, and it draws the attention of the professional dentist to the demanding work of these specialists. It should be required reading material in all waiting rooms! I admired the characters, the amusing text and drawings, and the way our beautiful city of Ljubljana was shown from a completely new perspective. I congratulate the creators of both text and pictures for this original comic strip! There is surely none other like it in the world!
Prof. Ljubo Marion, DMD, PhD, Medical Faculty, Ljubljana
International College of Dentists - European Section Past President

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