Dr. Gilberto Debelian, DMD, PhD, Oslo, Norway

Rok Jurič, DMD, Specialist in Endodontics
(b. 1972)
developed the story outline and provided necessary expertise

Ciril Horjak Horowitz, comics author
(b. 1975)
co-worked on the story and did all the drawings in the book

Grayscales: Dejan Kotnik
and Ciril Horjak Horowitz
3d backgound renders: Petra Krmelj
Charachter dress design: Sonja Sterman, prof.
Translation: Kris Killer
and Erica Johnson Debeljak
Comic art consultant: Milan Eric, MFA
Creative writing supervision:
Andrej Blatnik, PhD

Copyright 2016 by Rok Jurič and Ciril Horjak. All rights reserved.